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Caleb –

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Gabriel Nunez opened leonydus marketing solutions and I started with the company in October of 2018. I worked over 40 hours a week every week, I got paid “minimum wage” $11/hr but to actually make that you need to sell at least 30-40 credit cards. Some weeks you get paid commission some weeks hourly whatever they feel like to make you less money. Every employee signs a contract stating you get paid hourly and after 30 cards it’s 20$ commission per card. I made over every week and worked over time (one week reaching 60+ hours) and received a 500$ pay check for this. Business trips had 6 people in a room in the hotels and moved every night and we had to pay for all food. Never reimbursed even though promised so. Worst scam I’ve ever found. Manager moved from new York working first at global marketing solutions. Multiple lawsuits against them for fair pay aswell. He then moved to Canada and has been doing the same credico scam here ever since. I quit this job in December 2018. In February 2018 he got up and moved to Montreal, Quebec and did not pay any of his employees for the work they compleated. This needs to be looked at.

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