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Edwin –

Victim Location 83617

Total money lost $184.93

Type of a scam Online Purchase

8/12/18 I ordered their LeReviva face cream FREE trial jar – just pay $4.95 S&H.

8/13/18 a company called Musclebuildprox.888-9591267 Fl charged my debit card for $4.95.

8/20/18 I received the jar a few days later and did not like the face cream so decided not to order it.

8/28/18 Musclebuildprox charged my debit card for $89.99. I was not aware of this.

9/13/18 I received a 2nd jar of face cream. I immediately called the phone number on the packing list 888 264-2897 and spoke to Agent AR1 Andrew. I was told that I had signed up for a "subscription" for the face cream, and the 1st jar was just a 14-day-trial-period jar… and he offered me a 50% discount. I said I did NOT sign up for any 2nd jar and that I wanted a full refund of whatever they had charged me above the $4.95. He said he couldn’t do this so he would transfer me to a supervisor. That was a lie. I sat on hold for 15 or more minutes, finally just left a message after they promised someone would call me back the same day or the next day.

9/14/18 They did not call me back

9/15/18 I called again and talked to a young woman who gave me the same 50% offer, said she couldn’t do more, offered to transfer me to a supervisor. Then she disconnected me. I went online and discovered all the ScamPulse.com complaints against this company.

9/17/18 My husband went to our bank to report this SCAM and fraud. They will see to it that we get a full refund and they revoked authorization for this company to take any more money from our account.

BUYER BEWARE. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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