Level 3 Telecom spoof

Level 3 Telecom spoof Scam or Legit? Check Level 3 Telecom spoof Reviews below.
Mitchell –

Victim Location 84021

Type of a scam Identity Theft

My daughter received a message on her phone from this place that were looking for me- her mother- in regards to a lawsuit against me & that I needed to contact the above # & they provided a case # & said it was urgent I was going to be served papers for court if I didn’t get in touch with them. So when I called I gave them the case # , verified my name & then they wanted to verify the last 4 digits of my social security # & I told them No I don’t give that info out over the phone & the lady said well, we have the whole SS# & if you don’t feel comfortable have your lawyer call & verify it. That I would be served papers for court & she had the county I live in too. I told her with all the scams out there I wasn’t doing anything that they can send something legal & certified to me in the mail. She said good day & hung up. I asked the name of their company & she said they’re prelegal & representing the Plaintiff. She told me she was located in SLC UT. I reversed dialed the phone # they told me to call & it’s Level 3 Telecom in Alexandria, Kentucky. It also notes on there that it is a High Alert for a Scam. It really scared me though

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