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Rebekah –

Victim Location 65802

Type of a scam Phishing

This was the first Email I was sent.

Hello ***

You have been selected by my law firm Lewis Silkin LLP to be the beneficiary of the late Craig Alexander who died in a car accident for the acquisition of all his personal asset.I was his personal Lawyer and I would be expecting your reply so as to proceed with claims.

Below is the second email sent to me after I did reply. However, after receiving the second Email it became apparent it is a scam. I recognized the scam due to grammer errors and the name of the supposed deceased family member changed in the next E-mail one time and then back to the original name as you will see.

bruce copperfield

2:34 PM (7 hours ago)

to me

It’s great to get a reply from you, please read consciously as I will clarify why I sent you that email. Eng Craig died in a car accident on 15th of March, 2014. I and my associates have since carried out a search on his genuine more distant family ties and which endeavors have been without much of any result and subsequently my reaching you. My mail to you was composed as an issue of final resort in light of the conditions encompassing this claim at this moment. I am in search a relative of my late client who happens to have a similar last name with you. I can’t ascertain that you are specifically related with my late client, yet I am taking a risk of loosing my Job to get in touch with you as i believe it is worth the risk in the end.By the laws of intestate succession I can proove that you are the Legitimate Next Of Kin Hence access to the Funds.

Craig was an oil shipper and he had dealings around Europe and other nations. He lived more often here in London when he was alive, yet traveled frequently. I filled in as his private lawyer throughout the previous six years going before his demise. Craig never had a wife and no children, he moved into the UK as an orphan. His financial investments in a bank are nearly being pronounced nontransferable. I am in desperate need to introduce a closest relative to empower the release of the assets in estimation of £4.8million. If you are not at all identified with this man, I unassumingly request your help in joining forces with me to get this assets discharged since you have comparable last name as my late client.I have not gotten the approval from my law firm to do this but the moment you agree to stand in as a relative i would be granted permission.All you have to do is claim the funds as a relative and i would be handling all the litigation and paperwork required.

Take note of the method of sharing after a second thought – 50% for me 50% for you.If you have gone through this mail and you feel it is well understood by you, please inform me letting me know whether you will proceed so that I can give you the contact of this bank organization where this funds are lodged and then inform you of how to proceed.I was so glad when my secretary told me about you and i hope you work with me on this as the bank would keep all of my clients money which could be ours.

Hope to hear back from you pretty soon.


Bruce Copperfield

Lewis Silkin LLP

5 Chancery Lane

Clifford’s Inn

+44 20 7074 8000



In the event that you are not in any way related to this man, I humbly ask for your assistance in partnering with me to get this funds released since you have similar last name as my late client. I am in dire need to present a next of kin to enable the release of the funds. I want you to know that if you work with me and do as I say we would come out of this successfully as I served as his private attorney 6 years preceding his death. I will do my possible best to get every legal document needed for the success of this deal as we proceed.

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