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lex sale llc Scam or Legit? Check lex sale llc Reviews below.
Bonnie –

Victim Location 38127

Type of a scam Employment

It was a work from home, quality inspector position offered. Me not knowing about the scam I quickly fell into the trap of a promising $2000 a month. Theyll email you from HR emails.

Seth –

Victim Location 34743

Type of a scam Employment

I was contracted by Lex Sale on 3/6/18 after responding to a vacancy for a work from home opportunity working as a Quality Control Inspector. The vacancy was listed on their Lex Sale website. I submitted my application and had an immediate interview with Dylan Norton; shortly thereafter I received a congratulatory email along with an employment contract identifying my monthly salary as $2000 and a request for direct deposit/pay pal details for salary payments as well as a western union option. The position entailed the receipt and processing of varied merchandise mailed to my home, the uploading of the shipping labels in the companies back office to confirm receipt of the packages with a detailed description of the merchandise, its condition, and then await the subsequent issue of a prepaid mailing label to then print and forward via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. My pay date was determined by the day i received my first package.

I had recommended the site to a few friends who started a few weeks ahead of me. Upon pay day one was not paid their contracted amount of $2500, but instead was told they had not processed enough packages and was paid $30 for each package they had completed. The other person did all the task they were assigned in the month of employment choosing a direct deposit option. On pay day 4/2/18 there was no funds deposited to their account. Upon contacting Dylan (same manager) they were informed it was an honest mistake and it would be rectified shortly. 5 days later there was still no compensation or followup. When another written inquiry was made they were informed to mail the packages in their possession and their funds would be issued by end of business .. funds were never received and instead Lex Sale advised that payment would not be issued until the remaining packages were mailed, even though this was 1 week past the contracted pay period and those packages were being processed after the completed pay period.

Becoming concerned and not receiving the customary followup from HR advising that my direct deposit was established and all was well for my upcoming pay day; I reached out to my manager Dylan and was contacted by a Debbie Carter in HR for Lex Sale. She informed me today that the finance department had just confirmed that my direct deposit was in place for my 4/13/18 pay date, however she was unable to answer my questions regarding receipt of an EFT and the tax ramifications. The irregularity prompted me to reach out to the West Palm Beach legal aid society who informed someone else had made a similar complaint of nonpayment and that the company was not listed or recognized by BBB. They also advised that despite having a Florida address no such business exist at that address. Packages are still being delivered or are enroute to my address and my manager Dyan is still calling to advise the urgency of forwarding the packages in my possession – which i will not be forwarding after what i learned from my research today.

I have very deep concerns for the safety of my identity, my family’s safety, and my banking information as my driver’s license, utility bill, bank account and routing details as well as my signature are in these people’s possession, (all requested and sent as in a legitimate employment opportunity); plus the concern that the merchandise in my possession was illegally acquired by Lex Sale. The entire process seemed so legitimate down to the back office and the emails from HR advising that my interviewing process was successful, the issuance of a password to gain access to the back office, and the orientation particulars of how to navigate the back office and the procedures to process the merchandise . These people went through a lot to appear legitimate. Buyers beware! if it seems too good to be true … it usually is … Truly disheartening.

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