Lexton Conglomorate

Lexton Conglomorate Scam or Legit? Check Lexton Conglomorate Reviews below.
Jesse –

Victim Location 80004

Type of a scam Employment

Company called Lexington Comglomorate contacts you via text message on your mobile device the message in my instance read**

Brandon The Human resources from (Lexton Conglomerate) have just reviewed your resume due to the one you posted on www.indeed.com and you are now scheduled for an online interview with the hiring manager of the company. If you are interested reply by saying YES

After replying yes you are told to create a google hangouts account for the interview. The interview is conducted in rapid fashion and grammar used by the "interviewer" is very poor. In my case I was offered a exorbudent amount of money for the position applied for $45 per/hr. The company advised me they would be sending me a check to pay for the software for the "PC" they where sending me and that I was to deposit the check and deduct $200 as a "signing bonus" from the total. They then stated they would send me a email with the information on the software vendor that I was to purchase from. This is as far as they got with me. Unfortunately they did get my address phone number and email. And of corse my name. But only junk mail and sales calls can be accomplished with that. I was fortunate, they where going to be sending a "offer letter" with a W4 to complete and return and I am sure they would have asked for my DDA number had it progressed further. This was actually well thought out by comparison to the usual scams that are seen in the job market sector.

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