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Tyrone –

Victim Location 46383

Type of a scam Other

Hello, There is a guy posting on Facebook car forums and promoting his "business"

He is not an authorized Lexus mechanic or repairman, he has stolen the images on the website from the website itself, and his website isn’t even complete so you don’t get true information from it. I live chatted with a Lexus rep tonight and they confirmed that he is NOT authorized.

It has sketchy and misrepresentation written all over it. I almost took my Lexus to him because of the name and title, til I investigated more. He works out of his house too. I really have a bad feeling about this guy and he is being so pushy on Facebook that I also began to think that a good business man wouldn’t act that way.

Please look into his business. His name is Darryl Geller. He is on Facebook but his "website" is posted above.

Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.

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