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Type of a scam Employment

from: Taylor Rafaelova


date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 2:40 PM

subject: Liberty Evaluation Inc



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Taylor Rafaelova

Attachments2:40 PM (9 hours ago)

to me

Department: Strategic Insights

Position Type: Contract – Part Time

Reference No. 2016-9122

Dear Applicant,

This is an opportunity to be a customer service analyst with Liberty Audit and Evaluation, Working with the Government of Canada activities and initiatives. You are receiving this mail because you responded to a tel-marketing Text for a customer service analyst job position, this position requires that you have good observatory skills and you must be diligent in carrying out your assignment as a customer service analyst.


Your payment would be $90 per evaluation in addition to your $540 weekly pay, so the faster you complete your assignment the more money you earn. Liberty Audit and Evaluation will be in charge of providing you with materials and funds during the course of your first assessment, so your swift response to your assignment will have to be evaluated by the recruiting department for some couple of weeks, and if you have an

excellent remarks from our evaluating team, then you would have an approval for more assignment and a permanent appointment.

Based on complaints of lapses in Management and services that was reported by Clients, Liberty Audit and Evaluation and the Government of Canada have decided to improve on services in CANADA by tackling the issues below.

(1) Slow Services

(1) Customers have reported their money missing

(3) Unbalanced transfer charges

(4) Poor customer services

(5) Rudeness to customers

(6) Excess charge

(7) Late opening time and Closing before time.

(8) Delay of check cashing


1 A check which would cover all expenses for your evaluation process, and also your payment will be mailed to your mailing address, as soon as you receive the check, you are to deposit the check at your bank and contact your representative immediately for further instructions.

2 Upon receiving the funds you would have to keep a comprehensive report on all activity you carry out.

3 when an assignment is given to you, you would be provided with details to execute the assignment and within a time limit.

4 You would be asked and instructed to visit places like Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Banks, Wal-Mart, Costco, Cash Point Shops and Money Gram Shops, star bucks, Tim Horton, Fashion and designer label shops etc. in your Province or City to review and evaluate their services as a customer service analyst for Liberty Audit and Evaluation/Government of Canada

5 A detailed report of attendant response, attitude, and transaction delivery time must be documented in your report accurately at every given point in time.

We have attached a copy of our code of business conduct and ethics, kindly fill out the information below so we could process your application and based on your availability you will be assigned with your evaluation packet immediately.

Please complete the following (All fields are mandatory):

Full Name (As stated in your ID):

Mailing Address and Apt# if any:



Postal Code:

Phone/Fax number:



Current Occupation:

Employer Name:

We await your email with the requested information to proceed.

Warm Regards,

Taylor Rafaelova

Liberty Evaluation

Fax: 214-594-9194

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