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Brooke –

Victim Location 64075

Total money lost $798.77

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called from a local number stating her name Olivia Davis and that I had a case that they were getting ready to file through the court system. In my county. She then went on to say that I had so much time to call back this number she provided which was an 855 number.. and if I didn’t call that number soon I would lose all rights and they would be forfeited. So I called the 855 number like an [censored]! They said they were liberty law service N they were calling on behalf of ace cash express trying to collect on an old loan I supposedly took out! Which I never did take out a loan bc I canceled it months and months ago. They said they were going to file charges against me and take me court. They would serve me papers that day If I didn’t agree to pay them right then and there! They had my personal info the amount of the CANCELED loan. They even had the bank info I used at the time I was considering doing the loan. Anyway, since they were extremely pushy, using all kinds of threats.. I went ahead and paid them Almost 800 dollars bc I figured it must be legit because they have all my personal info and details. I couldn’t sleep for days and something kept saying that whole situation didn’t seem right!! After doing some research I found out that these ppl are a SCAM AND A FRAUD!! I immediately contacted my bank even though it’s a prepaid account… and I filed a dispute and tried to explain what had happened. Still waiting to see if they can recover my stolen hard earned money!! I am so mad that these ppl have the nerve to do that!! GET a JOB like everyone else!!!! These ppl need to be stopped and prosecuted like the loser criminals that they are!!! I’m a single parent and in school trying to better my life! I didn’t deserve this and I want my money back!! I’ve called back that phony number and all it does now is ring and ring! I filed a complaint with the FTC and one with attorney general here in my state! I just want my money back!!!!

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