Liberty Travel and delivery

Liberty Travel and delivery Scam or Legit? Check Liberty Travel and delivery Reviews below.
Meredith –

Victim Location 30461

Type of a scam Other

I have been caught up in scams in the past this opportunity come up it sounded too good to be true so my Flags when it proper to start they wanted me to open up a checking account in my name and let them have access to it so they can put money in it that didn’t make sense either including my pay and when I could not open up another account at another bank I went to my bank I did open up a second account I did not give them access to it it is in my name because the a specialist there talk to me and she said that she felt like this was a scam and for me to run from she would advise me to run from it and that’s what I’ve done I told him I went and I messaged them back and told him what the band said then they gave me a message and asked me to go to Wells Fargo and get a Wells Fargo prepaid credit card in my name and let them have access to it to put money in it I did not do that I went to instead cuz I want to find out for sure before I done anything like that I will say at this point they have gotten nothing from me only delays l

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