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Phillip –

Victim Location 84015

Type of a scam Employment

I received a text message this morning (3/9/2016) from a woman named Mary from Lifecare Hospital (in Abu Dhabi..) who said my resume had been forwarded to her and she wanted to set up an online interview. So she asked me to add their gmail to my Google chat so they could give me the interview via instant message. We had the interview, then she offered me the job saying "Welcome to Widex Limited, you will be paid $30 an hour, you will work from home, 40 hours a week, 9-4, you will receive an Apple computer" etc, etc. So of course red flags were up immediately. They barely interviewed me, their grammar and English were really choppy, the offer was amazing, they’ve now mentioned two different companies… There is just too much sketchiness going on there. Well then, Mary sends me the job offer email and it’s not from Lifecare Hospital, it’s from which is a Russian company. Oh and Widex is an Indian company. So now we have 3 different companies, 3 different countries. 4 if you count me in the U.S. I asked her about it and she said I will learn more when I start working for the company.

So I still haven’t officially accepted the job, but I’ve remained in contact with her via Google chat to try to gain more info. Now that I have spoken with her long enough, I think I’ve figured it out. I’ve heard of other similar scams, which is how I figured this out. But they told me they’d send me a check with an amount large enough to purchase my new computer and all of the new software I will need to do the job. But I’m only allowed to buy these things from certain vendors… So had I fallen for it, this is what would have happened (I think): I would deposit the check into my bank account, then I would purchase the computer and software from the vendors I’m allowed to use, then 10 days later my check will bounce at the bank and I owe them all that money I just spent on those materials. But because I used the certain vendor, which I assume are other companies involved in the scam, they get their money back and I’m left to pay for everything. And left with no job, no $30 an hour, no health insurance, etc.

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