LifeVantage Canada Ltd

LifeVantage Canada Ltd Scam or Legit? Check LifeVantage Canada Ltd Reviews below.
Ernest –

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Employment

Business is not accredited. Recruiter advised lady not to google information on company as every company has negative complaints, just look up ABC prime time and go to Listened to call where individual "recruiting" for their Pyramid scam took advantage of a senior who really is concerned about trying to keep her youthful appearance. The start up kit is ridiculously priced, commission made on it is dismal yet they kept pushing it on the poor lady. Wonder how many other female senior citizens they have scammed into trying to sell this overpriced anti-aging product…yes the product is good, but over priced! (quote from "recruiter"-people are willing to pay anything to stay young and youthful in appearance)

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