Lil in the Middle

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Sergio –

Total money lost $875

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Lil in the middle was advertising wholesale as well as representative opportunities. My sister and I had an agreement to, collect corset orders as a representative and send them along with payment to Lil in the middle, operated by Erica Parker.

We placed our first order on April 9th 2016 and were told that once placed and paid she would ship out the order to the customer within 2-4 weeks.

We continued to collect and send orders to her, totalling 7 corsets and an editional giveaway corset. We had sent a request for an editional giveaway corset at the cost of $80, but then put it on hold be she no corsets we had placed orders for had been shipped to customers as of June 4th 2016

The total amount paid to lil in the middle for these orders is $875. As of today 1 corset was shipped and received by the last customer we ordered for, valued at $110.00

On many occasions since April 2016 through to June 2016 Erica stated she had shipped the corsets and would provide the tracking numbers and failed to do so. We have requested refunds for customers numerous times and have been denied. She has said things have shipped, then says they haven’t. She also asked us to pick up corsets from someone in Toronto ON, to which we agreed but then wouldn’t give us the address. She then told us 4 corsets were shipped to us from Toronto, but then couldn’t provide a tracking number. She then states that the corsets had not arrived in Toronto.

This has been an ongoing issue with her, we can not get a straight answer. We have orders that have been outstanding for 2 months now as well. This is after she stated they would be here and shipped to customers within 2-4 weeks max! She has now refused to ship anything saying we will not get any corsets from her or money. She has told us that, it’s our problem because we questioned the countless times she has mislead us by saying she was shipping the orders out. Again, today she said we will never see anything we ordered or any money.

When we stated we were going to file a complaint she laughed and said there’s nothing that can be done.

We have all communications and her responses to us via whatsapp, Facebook as well as all the email money transfers that were sent to her for payment. We have copies of all orders that were placed via whatsapp as well. I have included one of the messages I received. If there is an email address, I can send all communications as well as all the payments she received. I have also sent her the PayPal dispute I received from a customer and a hold on payment and request for refund, after the customer was told that her corset was going to ship to her and to date it still has not. We would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. I have forwarded customers requests for refunds to Erica/Lil in the Middle on multiple occasions and been denied. As you can see today she clearly stated she is "sending [censored] all" and will not refund us so we can refund those who ordered.

There also appears to be multiple websites, Facebook pages and profiles run by this same individual. I have some to someone else via Facebook who has been waiting months for orders she placed as well.


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