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Robyn –

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam Employment

the limitless family is only a small part of a huge pyramid scheme. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to fall for this, except it makes perfect sense and you can actually make money from it…if you’re willing to scam other people into plugging their money into the system..the people above limitless family are called unstoppable family and the people above that, well, now you’re getting into the big smooth talkers.. empower network..etc.. so what happens is, you put in some money, and obviously, the more you put in, the more ‘money making secrets’ they ‘unlock’ for you so i went whole hog, put in $5000 up have to spend money to make money right?? and they give you the basics, which is that you have to get the maximum number of people to even look at your spiel to get the minimum number to even sign up…it’s really hard to get people to look at your stuff, you have to have a hook…but you can buy these packages where these other, sideline companies, get tons of eyes on your stuff, but it’s expensive and it doesn’t always work… example, you might spend $300 for 300 ‘guaranteed’ eyes on your site and MAYBE one of those people sign up… then, you can also buy ‘super great tips’ from someone else in the business but they’re selling their ‘tips’ to everyone so we’re all doing the same thing and no one is winning, except for the guys at the top.. and they’ll tell you that technically they’re not a pyramid scheme because they technically have a product for sale(some ridiculous e-books on marketing) but the product is just more vague blather about nothing and just them saying a lot of words to pump you up about making sales but not really telling you how to do anything. They send you emails constantly, showing them living their fabulous lifestyles but the truth is, they move to countries like indonesia because it’s cheaper to live down there and there’s probably some legal/illegal reasons too but i don’t know those. If you make 1 sale, you get excited and think that’s the beginning of something big so you hang in there and spend more and more money, but if you’re not a bull[censored]ter, you won’t succeed. i spent $20000 trying to start an above board online business so i could spend more time with my family, my aging parents…etc. Instead of succeeding, i now have a second and third job to pay off my debt, because it wasn’t above board, it’s scammy and people can smell that from a mile away and don’t want to sign up. My mom died while I was working to pay off all this extra debt and I spent less time with her instead of more. These people are dirtbags. And they tell you straight out in their videos(the guys at the top), that they’ve been shut down before and they just keep starting up again because ‘THE MAN CAN’T KEEP US DOWN!’ Am i angry and bitter that it didn’t work for me? of course i am. would i still be doing it if it had worked? i don’t know, maybe. i won’t lie, if it had worked i wouldn’t be listening to the people who told me this was a scam from the beginning.. but it didn’t work and i was finally honest with myself.

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it’s an article another scam artist wrote but it includes big names in the whole internet scamming business

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