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Omar –

Victim Location 44060

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a robocall on my cell phone from Lincoln GP Advisory Civil Litigation Firm. My caller ID showed 216-606-9317. Recording stated we have attempted to call. You are not available. They did not give a company name. If you do not return this phone call we will contact your HR or payroll department. They gave phone number to call back. 844-750-6264. I called the phone number back. A man answered. Gave his name as James O’Neal. I told him I received a call. He said let me search your phone number to locate your case. I did not give my phone number so he must have had caller ID. He quickly stated they were calling regarding US Bank and a debt from 2004 of $962. US Bank was previously involved in lawsuit. Prohibited from collecting. Lawsuit settled and pursuing litigation. I kept asking for clarification. Kept adding on interest fees. Threatened to freeze my assets. They have attempted to contact me. Told her to have attorney contact them I called US Bank and i don’t owe. I am reporting this scam collection call.

Heather –

Victim Location 38242

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The initial call came from a supposed server in Bolivar, TN (731-518-4341) that told my wife there was some legal documents that needed my attention and gave the number 844-880-0623 and a case number. We tried to call the Bolivar, TN number again the same day and it was no longer in service. She called the number and a person James O’Neil with Lincoln GP Advisory told her that I had a credit card debt from PNC Bank and that I was scheduled to appear in court in Trigg County, KY where I haven’t lived in almost 30 years. I don’t recall ever having a credit card debt with this bank little alone even a credit card account with them. He stated that he represented a law firm that was suing me for the debt and was to advise them on how to proceed. When ask for validation of this debt the person told me that I would have to get my attorney to subpoena that information and used the OJ Simpson trial as an example. The FTCPA states that I can request this information within a specific time period. He stated that he could send it to my email address which he had. The document arrived through a DocuSign email. I refused to open for fear of virus, malware, or for the fact that I would obligate to something that I did not participate in. I have not contacted them again. I would like some advise as to how to proceed from this point. When I researched this several message boards reported the same scam using the above number and reported the same or similar scams. I looked up the website and have not found any existence of such website.

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