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Brian –

Victim Location 70726

Type of a scam Debt Collections

On December 15th 2016 I received a phone call from a local area telephone number (985-284-3259) telling me I missed a signed document delivery (document # was 203122),and I needed to call this number (1-844-760-5128) to find out how to receive the document that needed to be signed. I called said number and they said they were trying to get court documents signed for a collection debt that was charged off 10 years ago. I asked who her company was and she hesitated and then told me Lincoln GP Inc. and their clients name was PSG or Portfolio Solutions Group.The woman I spoke with said they have tried to send documents thru the mail a couple of times with no response from me. In which I told her I have NEVER received those documents saying I owed anything to them. I told her if she could send me that letter saying I owed said amount to her company thru the mail then I would try to resolve the issue, but I wasn’t going to pay anything over the phone from someone saying I owe them money with no proof that I owe the money. She said she couldn’t send another letter stating that I owed the money to her company. I asked if she could give me the phone number to the person trying to get these documents to me to sign, and she could not tell me how to get in contact with the person delivering this "court document" so that I could set up a time and date to receive it. The woman I spoke to her name was Erica Lewis and she said she could get the person delivering the "court document" to call me to set up an arrangement. I told her that is fine, because I have heard of a lot of people being scammed here recently.She then told me that if i didn’t pay $1500 by December 21st they would file a claim with livingston parish collections and recovery department. She also told me if I paid the debt off over the phone today they would give me a discount or percentage off the total amount due. I told her again I am not going to pay that amount to someone who can not provide me proof. We hung up the phone and I thought she was going to get the person trying to get the documents to me to call me, but she called me back immediately on another phone number (323) 203-1088 saying that I could call the card company who had my account and she proceeded to give me their phone number and my account number so that I could get proof her company is the one that has my charge off account. I called the card account number she gave me and the card account company said they couldn’t give me any information, because my account was charged off. I called Erica Lewis back on the 1-844-760-5128 to tell her to go ahead and get the people wanting to deliver the documents to call me to arrange to meet up. I have not received any more phone calls from Erica Lewis or the people trying to get this said documents signed nor have I received a notice from small claims saying I owe Mrs. Lewis and her company money, and today is January 2nd 2017

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