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Linken Finance Inc. Scam or Legit? Check Linken Finance Inc. Reviews below.
Nichole –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Linken Finance Inc – they contacted me through Craigslist, wanting to lend me 5,000. They proceeded to tell me how great their company was, and so on. They sent a plain jane application, so I filled it out. Then the conversation went to "Well great, your loan has been approved!" and they sent documents. They sent fake loan documents, and in the documents, it states that a "Security Fee" of 585.00 paid before the loan is sent. So I sent an email asking about this loan. Their reason was "oh, it’s a refundable loan security" ..and the documents they sent gave an address of "296 Reunion Skyline Crescent, NE, Calgary AB." However, the phone number listed on the documents is a Text Plus VOIP number.

When I advised them that asking for an advanced fee is actually illegal, they changed the wording to say that it was to "prevent the ***". And when I called them on the phone number being from Text Plus, they said "fine then don’t bother sending we just won’t help you."

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