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Linkshare – acting as Scam or Legit? Check Linkshare – acting as Reviews below.
Katrina –

Victim Location 56143

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I responded to an ad in our local paper out of curiosity. " Get Paid To Drive." this was the email I received after the fact, the money order and paying forward from my personal account red flagged me. I sent them an email and said this was a scam and I would be notifying and our local media where they are advertising. I received no further emails.

Dear Applicant,

Your application is successful.You have been chosen for our "Get Paid to Drive ads" Program. You have been cleared to be one of our driver (agent). Linkshare™ needs you to drive the car everywhere you normally drive — to the mall, to your job, to school, to church, and everywhere else. You are expected to drive a minimum of 200 miles a Month.

This is just a formal mail to inform you that you have been selected for this Job and to get ready for start up.

Most ads are attractive and professionally designed so that you would not be embarrassed to be seen with it on your car.The ads are in an attractive paint-safe vinyl film or decal and also in form of complete-car wraps (looks great in any form of Car), partial wraps, or window decals. Ad decals can be easily removed or changed without harming the paint finish on your car. Our AUTO TEAM will determine what wrap will suit your vehicle.

We will place a GPS location system in your car so that we can periodically verify that you have driven where you said you would drive and determine the number of miles you’ve driven. Occasional inspections may also be necessary to check the condition of the ad.Remember that the advertisement remains on your car 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We will Send Funds to you in form of (MONEY ORDER /CASHIER CHEQUE) via UPS.

You are to get the(MONEY ORDERS/CASHIER CHEQUE) cashed/Deposited at your bank.

After You Have Cashed the (MONEY ORDERS/CASHIER CHEQUE) ,you will follow the below instruction :

1)Deduct $250 FROM THE TOTAL AMOUNT (Initial Payment for one weeks) .

2)You will send the balance to the Auto Support Team closest to your State via Western Union Money Transfer (this team works independently and also paid independently).The team will bring the Vinyl Films, decals, partial wraps and GPS system to your address for full installation. You will effectively start working for us immediately the team comes to your location.

Note: We will be providing you with the information of the Auto Team which you will be sending the Funds to.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this email to show acceptance. Further instructions will be sent immediately you receive the UPS delivery. Linkshare™ looks forward to working with you.

Note : Let Us Know If you are really interested to work with us and carry out the above instruction.So we can send out the (MONEY ORDERS/CASHIER CHEQUE) to you via UPS for you to carry out the Instruction.

Hope to Hear Back From you.

David Farah

Task Coordinator

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