Lipo 360 Products for Life

Lipo 360 Products for Life Scam or Legit? Check Lipo 360 Products for Life Reviews below.
Maggie –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found an ad in the local paper about Lipo 360 (Fat Magnet) and called the number provided. First, i asked where they were located and she said it was in Maine. During the order I asked to be emailed an invoice and the representative said fine. At the conclusion, she provided a customer service number to call if I wished to cancel. After hanging up, I had an uneasy feeling, so i called the number provided and that is when I became even more suspicious. The line called had a hollow sound. When I explained that i wanted to cancel, she said hang on while I get some paper to write down the information. I questioned this as the service rep who took my order did so on a computer. As I asked about this, she became flustered and said oh, alright, I won’t write anything down. I will do it using the computer. When I further questioned her, she became upset and hung up on me. I called the original number and talked to another person. I explained that I wanted to cancel and he began to question and challenge me. I explained that I just wanted to cancel. He said he would get his manager to assist. She came on and said they could not cancel from their end, and to call the customer service number and ask for the manager. I did this and got the same person who hung up on me. When I asked for the manager, she said they do not have one on duty and asked how she could help. When I said I don’t think you can as you already hung up on me, she got frustrated again. I said ok, please cancel my order and please send me an email confirmation. She said they do not send emails. I explained that when the order was placed, the person said they would be sending an email and she said, they do not do that. This was the final straw. I called my credit card company and cancelled the amount charged and cancelled my credit card. Beware.

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