Lite FM radio stayion

Lite FM radio stayion Scam or Legit? Check Lite FM radio stayion Reviews below.
Lee –

Victim Location 58501

Type of a scam Phishing

A gentleman started talking to me and said he was a radio station based out of Pierre South Dakota. He indicated that I was live on the radio talk show and I was selected to win a trip somewhere in Florida. If I could answer three questions. The first two questions were something extraordinary. It was supposed to the effect of what is the weight of teryllium , I do not remember the second question but apparently I got it wrong, the third question was how do you spell Dog I spelled dog out and he laughed at me, then there was a pause as if they hung up on me and I said hello and they came back on to the call and said do you actually think that we would give you a trip because you spelled dog, are you kidding just for spelling dog.? I said well maybe and he said are you stupid or something I then said do you happen to know of the Department of Criminal Investigation and he laughed at me some more and then a digital voice came on the line and said you have just been pranked by prankster such and such or something or other. Then they hung up.

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