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Toni –

Victim Location 80903

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They have been calling me, both on my cell and at work, telling me they purchased a student loan from Sallie Mae from when I attended school in 2012 and are threatening to have me garnished or have my taxes withheld. I’ve repeatedly asked that they provide documentation of this debt and they initially told me they didn’t have to provide me with anything, that they would just have a judge sign off on a garnishment order. Then they said they would email something to me but didn’t. I asked several times if it’s a bill from the school or Sallie Mae and they kept saying Sallie Mae. So I told them I had contacted Sallie Mae and they’re telling me that they don’t show any loans for me. I have all of my loans consolidated through Navient. After I asked Litigation Analyst Group for documentation the fourth time, the rep said she’s not going to send it to me if I’m not going to pay it. I told her I want to see what they have and will confirm it with the school, I’ve already confirmed with Sallie Mae that it’s not from them and they shouldn’t mind me confirming this information if they’re legitimate. She said they don’t mind but neither the school or Sallie Mae would have any information on it because they (Litigation Analyst Group) bought the account. They finally sent me an email through DocuSign with a ledger for the school, not Sallie Mae, which shows the charges for my schooling but absolutely no documentation showing they purchased the account. Since 2012, I have not received any mail from the school or Litigation Analyst Group. I don’t know if the website and address that I entered are correct. I did an internet search for Litigation Analyst Group and found that website with the address. The phone number listed is what they left in a voicemail on my cell phone. Their file # is ***.

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