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Manuel –

Victim Location 34604

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Yesterday (09/25/2018) at 1715 (5:15pm EST) my daughter received a phone call on her cell phone (she’s on her own plan that has no connection to my name) from a restricted number, and so she didn’t answer it. The restricted number called again a minute later (1716, 5:16 EST), she answered the call, a male named Steven Taylor was asking for me and knew my birthday to verify that it was the correct person, she asked who he worked for and why he called from a restricted number, he stated "For our safety, would you like me to call from an unrestricted number?", and she hung up the phone thinking it was a scam. She came and started telling me about the phone call, and a Miami area coded number started calling her cell phone. I answered the phone call and it was Steven Taylor telling us he worked for a company called EDT (that’s what it sounded like he was muttering when saying it), and that they were a third-party company for a company called Litigation Injunction Services. He gave me a phone number to call about a lawsuit that’s been filed against me and a case number. I called the number provided, after providing the case number, I was redirected to a male named Robert Woods who gave me further information on the "lawsuit". He stated that a hospital had filed a Civil Petition for a unpaid bill from March of 2008. I asked about why there was no paper mail about this and he stated "There were two attempts made in March of 2018 and May of 2018" and insisted that I received them even though I did not. He asked what my SSN was to further confirm he had the correct person, I did not give it to him, and he told me the last 4 of my SSN was. He gave me further information on the "lawsuit", I told him to feel free to subpoena me, and I asked how long it would take. He got flustered and said "I’m not really sure, it all depends on how backed up the agency is, and I see that two attempts were already made this past week." No one has come by my residence nor my workplace asking for me. I then ended the call with Mr. Woods, and called the hospital that was "suing" me. I asked if I had any bills from March of 2008, and they stated that they did not nor did I have any hospital visits in March of 2008. I asked about what third-party company they use for debt collection, and gave me a completely different company name. I called Litigation again, asked to speak to Mr. Woods, and informed him that I had just ended a phone call with the hospital that was "suing" me and that they did not have any bills for me and informed him that they don’t even use Litigation as a debt collector. He insisted that I have my attorney contact him to explain the situation to him/her, told me to have a nice day, and hung up the phone. Today (9/26/2018) a restricted caller called my daughter’s cell phone again. Steven Taylor left a voicemail looking for me again and stated the same information as yesterday. My daughter said that right after she listened to the voicemail a restricted number called my house phone. As my daughter contacted me I was informed Mr. Taylor also left a message for me through my coworker with the same information from yesterday as well. So now he somehow has my daughter’s cell phone number, my house number, and my work number.

Jamie –

Victim Location 73120

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They have called me several times saying I am going to be served with a summons for a medical debt. When I ask for more information they get angry and yell at me.

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