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Elizabeth –

Victim Location 86046

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail from number 1(844)307-7605 from a person named Ruby stating that I am being sued and that I have to contact them before they resort to contacting my HR dept where I work. I called the number that they had left on the voicemail to find out what this was in regards to and the rep Michelle, stated she was my case manager, stated that this was for a old checking account in Kentucky that I had closed back in 2011, before I had moved away. I had closed that checking account before I moved with a zero balance. I told her that I was disputing the debt. due to that I closed it and she stated that I am being sued and that they need my current address to have me served, I am in between addresses and gave her my parents address. I had then after wards thought to look this number up and found out that it is a collection agency lying about who and what they are and they wouldn’t accept me verbally stating that I am disputing this claim, she continued by saying that I am being sued and that I am gonna have to go to court in Maricopa county and pay back $1400 that I do not owe due to that US Bank kept my account open and racked up the charges and fees and I am responsible no matter what and also stated that they were going to contact my job and garnish my wages for the entire amount, and that I was going to be sent to jail. I need someone to look into this company, I do not owe this amount to US Bank, I had closed this account prior to moving away, and if there bank tellers did not close it when I was there in the bank branch and didn’t do there job just to charge me the bank monthly fee before closing it, that is not my fault and not my doing. She also tried to get me to give her my DOB and SS# in full and my correct spelling of my name.

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