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A new pyramid scheme was launched in 2017 called Liv. The three guys who started this new pyramid scheme are doing this as a spin off of their current pyramid scheme, Visalus which is currently at the center of several class action lawsuits such as racketeering and securities fraud. Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair and another important name to add is Jason O’Toole who is based in Ottawa, Canada and who is also a defendant in the Visalus lawsuit in Michigan, are all working very hard at finding promoters to purchase a "Liv Membership" at extraordinary prices.

Their terms and conditions specify that promoters are to focus promoting the sale of the membership, yet at their pep rally / recruiting meetings they are telling people to nevermind the membership and to focus on recruiting promoters.

In Canada the start up cost is $487 to become a promoter at the VIP level and followed by a monthly payment of $180 for the membership fee.

I’m unsure of the US start up fees but the monthly payment for the VIP membership is $150.

In order to get your membership for free, you must recruit 3 new promoters each month at the same level or higher than your own.

The membership offers access to bid on travel experiences and should enough people want to go on that trip too, you can then use a limited amount of points accumulated through the collection of the membership fees to pay for experiences abroad ie: zip-lining. They say that those points can also be used to purchase items from the Liv Market Place but there is no market place on their website to purchase anything from. They offer 1 terabyte or less depending on the tier of membership of " secure" cloud storage. They offer access to coupons. They say they offer the best rate for your travels (110%) guarantee on the cost of your flights if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

My friend is being duped by these people. I have text conversations of her explaining how it is absolutely normal to focus on recruiting promoters when starting a business and that they’re still working on the membership/product. She has been paying her membership fee for at least 6 months now, has not been able to recruit one person and has not bothered trying to sell the membership because it was never clear to her what was included in the membership, no clear definition of the product and or service. She kept telling me that they, Nick, Blake, Ryan and Jason, were working on that.

There is another link between Visalus and Liv where Visalus promoters, have been forced to get a Liv membership to stay in agreement with getting their "payout" for having become shareholders in the company. The payment was supposed to be on April 17 2017 but never occurred. There is a lawsuit against Visalus, Nick Sarnicola, his wife Ashley Sarnicola and others too for securities fraud I believe. I’ve done a lot of research, I’m sure I can find that article should you need it.

Please find a way to shut this pyramid down quickly. They are telling people to illegally recruit promoters while making it seem like it’s absolutely normal and legal to do so. They flat out told a room full of people to no longer bother promoting the membership and to only focus on recruiting promoters. After all, the promoters will have to buy a membership.

Really hoping you can help


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