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We were recently required to obtain an HSA under my husbands company insurance. I submitted an online search for best companies. This "Lively" was the second rated company, by this search. The first was "Fidelity", which I did not look into. I had looked into others the I was familiar with prior to a search inquiry, so when I read about Lively I was kind of put at ease. So much back peddling and treading water these days, we deserve and sure could use just a little glimmer of hope.

After a bit of reading about what they offered for their HSA, I was won over. Free account, no services fees on the account, EVER. Free trading capabilities (with limitations) with TD TradeAmerica, no minimums on "to open" or Balances. The debit card was even to be free.

So without asking where they were or how long they’d been in business, if there was a physical address, or checking the BBB, I proceeded to open an account, which I have not yet closed. However, no funds were put into the account, nor was any account information from this end given to or put into the account…… Except my husbands SS#, which they said they needed to verify his legitimacy.

Tonight before sitting down with hubby to fully set up this account (payroll needs the info tomorrow), I decided to try to get ahold of someone. On two attempts to connect with a chat rep (chat showing available), I was greeted by a Bot asking for my email. Tonight the bot said back Wednesday leave email. When I looked back at what was active chat now said; "Back Wed." All so fishy I started looking the company up where I was told they were located, San Francisco, CA. Later I tried contacting chat again to ask how long they’d been in business. Chat appeared active until I sent question, then told back tomorrow by a bot until I complained.

Now I may be jumping the gun. But I can not locate this company other than as a Seniors Service. But my purpose is two-fold. I want to warn others and I am worried about hubby’s SS# being out there, by raising the flag we could gleen helpful information.

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