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Colleen –

Victim Location 46168

Type of a scam Charity

About two years ago I received a phone call from "Carol" at Living in Serenity. I purchased something that was $49 or $69, I cannot remember. I paid the invoice and received the item. Soon after they called to thank me for helping her out and wanted me to help again. This time the donation was for $166.50. I declined. Since then I have received numerous phone calls from "Carol", or sometimes she calls herself "Janice," or "Linda," or another name. All callers sound the very same.

When she calls she does not identify herself other than to say I am calling to find out when you are going to settle this invoice…no company name, no personal name until after I ask. When I tell her I do not owe the amount and am not going to pay it, she begins raising her voice and sometimes even yelling at me, telling me I do owe it.

She told me she had the transaction all recorded and she could play the recording for me. I told her to please do that. She hung up and didn’t call back for about a week. She stated they could not find the recording but she knew I owed this money.

She called many times last year, and has now started this new year. I am not paying it. After her call about half an hour ago, she was yelling so loud and over talking, I finally said, I do not owe this, do not call me back and hung up. She called right back and I did not answer. Within 15 minutes someone called again, this time it was a man saying "Hello, ___, this is Greg I am calling to see if you can help us out again with the trash bags. You know, you ordered light bulbs from us before Christmas." I told him I did not order any light bulbs from anyone and then asked him where he was calling from. He said Living in Serenity. I told him I was not ordering anything from Living in Serenity. He said, "Oh. OK, bye."

Please put them out of business. They are very harrassing, mean, and select older people to get them to pay outrageous prices for cheap items. We are on a fixed income, my husband has cancer and his medicine is sky high (which I told them,) and I am not buying anything from them. I usually do not answer the phone when I see who it is on my caller Id. I am sending this letter also to the attorney general’s office.

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