LLC Corp

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Stefanie –

Victim Location 55428

Total money lost $140.95

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received call referring the phone number below and a case number: 658938

He said his name and told me he was a private courier." I have you here in my hand a papers to serve to you today.. I’m letting you know that as a courtesy, you are eligible for what’s called a stop order you would need to speak directly to the filing party to find out how to obtain that now I am scheduled out today to your home and unless I do receive the stop order, I suggest you call 844-228-7583 and give them the case number to the filing party to speak with them directly in regards to stop this order… you have been notified". I did call the number and they said it was from JC Penny account. (which was over 8 years ago and me not remembering how much I did owe) and I made arrangements to pay them for 511.00, but told them I could only give 130.00 + 10.95 fee today and give them the rest on November 3, 2015. I waited until today, October 30, 2015 to call them back to see if they had received the first payment when I did I got a number that had been disconnected. The company name was LLC Corp and I did contact the credit card company about the scam and the Attorney general here in Minneapolis MN. I can’t believe how foolish I was, but I was busy paying off some bills during the week.

Phone number has also been associated with Lighthouse Recovery Associates though the woman answering told me the company name is Luis Rodriguez and Associates. She refused further information when I asked for a mailing address.

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