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Emily –

Victim Location 08015

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had recieved a phone call, text message, and email after applying for a loan from a Don Parker. Upon speaking to Mr Parker on the phone and him asking for my personal bank information and social security number. He then asked for my verbal password to my bank account. Saying he needed to check to make sure my account was legit. Then it was withdraw $20 from ur bank account and then deposit it back into your account. Then send him a text to a totally different phone number a picture of the reciept and my drivers license. Then there would be a security deposit that would be applied to my account for the loan that they would put in to my account but it would have to be sent back to them from a walmart or Walgreens. Then a total amount of $10,000 would be posted to my account with in a hour of getting the deposit back. But I have a verbal security password on my bank account and Mr Parker was very upset when I refused to give him this info

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