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Anna –

Victim Location 48015

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They promise a loan of 1000+ dollars with a reasonable interest. Take all of your information like all of it, your bank information, Your s.s. card, address, identification card number, and your work information to verify it. They have you put money on gift cards and then you send them the gift card information. I sent up to 250$ worth of gift cards then they tried to get more money and I told them no just give me my money back right now. They argue with me and tried to charge me more to get my money back. Customer service is rude,they curse at me, and tried to ask me to be one of their girlfriends. Just unprofessional & then they didnt erase my file so they still have all of my information. When I ask for all of the information about the company all I got was the name and a false address(I believe).

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