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Trisha –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan


I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I recently applied for a loan online for a recent emergency and was very pleased when I was immediately approved for a $6,000 loan.

I immediately signed the loan agreement which requires a down payment of $530. Before sending $530 dollars to a previously unmentioned woman in Lyndhurst, NJ through Western Union, at the aggressive pushing of the loan officer I was dealing with, I requested verification that this lending service was legitimate. The officer called me on the phone, yelled at me for not sending the down payment, and has threatened to sue. This was some time before 1pm . I initially applied for the loan at about 10:30AM the same morning.

Also, hilariously during our phone call, the loan officer attempted to disguise his voice and change his name when I politely asked to speak to a manager after he yelled at me over the phone.

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