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Nicolas –

Victim Location 91602

Total money lost $575

Type of a scam Moving

First off, the way I found these movers was via Groupon, I went through all of the terms and everything was written very clear. Then I called to book my appointment, the guy seemed nice and asked me to fill out a form online with all my belongings so they could send the most appropriate truck. When the truck did arrive (12 hours late), i got the smallest truck possible, that was already half full of equipment. They moved not even 1/4th of my apartment before saying the truck was full. (I’d like to note when they first came in they said we had less stuff than a studio apartment.)

I was charged for the following things also, that the groupon actually stated was included:

o Blankets (It claimed Blanket and Wrapping were included it nowhere stated that I would be paying to get them wrapped, this charged me a significant amount)

• Valid for two flights of stairs (They charged me a ton of extra money for extra stairs, when I only had 2 flights of stairs, nowhere it stated there was a number, on the groupon, nor did anyone ever tell me this)

Here are the groupon terms:

Please see terms below:

Valid for 2 flights of stairs. (Does not specify which is actually illegal, Per US Retail Pricing Law and Regulations , it needs to be specified at original purchase, which was on your Groupon)

No one where in this does it state anything about drive time, anything about charging more for items or wrapping or extra stairs. This is very misleading. The first time I even ever saw these agreements was when the movers were already here and after the movers demanded $400 cash as a deposit (on top of the initial amount i paid for the move) . This is so misleading.

Now to the move:

– First of all the movers were very unprofessional rude and terrifying, The day of the move I was called to be told that the truck was broken down and I would have an update before the end of the window you were supposed to come. That time went by and no update. I called the number that called me multiple times, no one responded at all. Once i texted for updates letting them know the urgency of this because I needed to be out of my apartment, I got rude responses back saying that I will provide an update when I have one. I have the whole transcript I am willing to share.

– Hours passed, and it became 630pm, I received a call stating that the truck was fixed and I would get delivery within the next hour. We went to the house and waited, 2 hours later, after many calls of being ignored they showed up.

– The truck that came was so small, and was half filled with dollies and equipment. The amount of space in this was limited. However they started to take our stuff.

– Once the two people arrived to our apartment they asked instantly for the $400 before any agreement was read. This was the first I learnt of the agreement. The drivers recorded reading us this agreement so it is all on the record, he no where mentioned a cost of extra stairs he actually actually just said 2 flights of stairs , also he never made any mention of double move time. I actually asked for a copy of the contract and he would not give it to me (nor would he give me a formal receipt), all he would give me was a hand written piece of paper with prices on it. Not even the company name (we have pictures of the truck with the license plate).

– Then the movers started to take things out, we tried often to help with things to make it easier on them, however they kept refusing. In the end, some of the items that they charged as "hard items to move"were some of these items that we couldve moved on our own. Also, adding to that the items they claimed were hard to move all weighed under 50 pounds. Once thing I was read in the contract they let me skim, was oversized was over 200 pounds. The items that we were charged for were all items that one person on a dolly could have pushed themselves. I can provide images of these items, but they are standard house hold items. (Also , by stacking so many of these items so high they actually damaged half my stuff) They also wrapped my furniture in packing tape which when you take off the tape, stripped the paint off of it. Also see image attached. ( I have several more images I can share)

– After moving the top part of my kitchen table, an ikea couch that breaks into small pieces, a TV unit which is now completely bent, a small bar shelf which was also damaged (see image), 2 mattresses, and finally three dressers (one large , 2 small and 2 side tables) **The paint is chipped on two of these in transit** and there is one big scratch. The driver called and said to come down because the truck was full. Remaining was the frame of the bed, every single box in the house, our side tables, half our kitchen table, our coffee table and several other things) This was all listed in the sheet I filled out of what we had to move. When i initially called to book this he said to fill it out so we got the appropriate size truck. (Again, didnt happen)

– Anyways, so we go down and they tell us that the truck is full and that they are going to take the stuff over. They mention drive time, but when I ask cost they said they cant’ tell us and make zero mention of double drive time. Then they head towards our new house.

– Once they arrive, they begin to unload all the stuff onto the street. With the exception of one mattress which they instantly bring in and bring to the top floor. Once everything is unloaded and this mattress goes upstairs, they come talk to us to review the bill. At this point they said to us you owe another $170 something on top of the $400 and we are baffled. We also had a time at this point. We ask to explain all these charges and they say its the $300 of drive time (the drive on google maps is 23 minutes or 8 miles. They drove this road late at night with no traffic. We were charged for 45 minutes and we left at the same time and arrived 25 minutes before them.

– The charges for the items were crazy, the items they said were oversized were not, the drive cost was insane, the wrapping was supposed to be included (they did tell us earlier it wasnt and we did agree to pay for that since we didnt want our stuff broken, however the thing i purchased said it was included)

– Now back to when they said we owed this much. When they broke it down, I was baffled, I did not have this money as I was not expecting it. I was told by them that they would not move one more piece of furniture until I paid them. I asked to save money on the stairs if they could just deliver to the main level and we would move it ourselves. He said he already brought the mattress up there so no. This was before I was even told about extra stair price. HOW WOULD I HAVE KNOWN THAT, it was not read off to me initially. Then after that they told me until I gave them the remaining money that they would not move a thing. My stuff was literally in the middle of a street. I told them, since I was terrified that I would go to the bank and asked them to continue moving things, they said no. They made me a young girl @ 12 at night drive in my car to an ATM with all my stuff on the street. My boyfriend and I were terrified at this point by this experience.

– Once I got the money and gave it to them, they brought the stuff up, at this point we were so scared, my boyfriend and I literally ourselves moved half of the things. They also hit my wall bringing up the stuff and left marks and again scratched my bedroom set. They also broke my TV unit, and it is not not even level and is bent.

– After they were done they left, and I was very upset and terrified. These drivers continually kept going to their car to "check time" , took their time doing everything, and were just rude to us. When unpacking the truck I watched them throw part of my couch in the middle of our road, This is not okay and will be addressed accordingly.

– I have contacted these movers three times via email, and twice during phone and they refuse to respond. Can someone please help me, I do not know what to do, and this was not money I had to just spend. I am out almost $1000 in moving fees, and the cost of having to get a new truck and do the rest my self, as well as over $600 in damages to things they broke in my house. All my stuff is ruined, the walls have been banged up, and I am just at a loss for words.

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