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Rebecca – Jun 25, 2020

My data has been placed on this site. It is not known from what source. Data after my intervention was deleted. I live in the European Union and apparently my data is protected. This is all bull[censored].
This site has data for over 140,000 people from my country. This site should not exist.

Katrina –

Victim Location 95812

Type of a scam Other

This company refuses to remove my information claiming they don’t like my email address. What does that have anything to do with removing my personal information from your website? I’m sixty seven years old. I use my daughter’s email address all the time. I don’t even have one of my own because I don’t do computers. If their website was any good they would be able to see that in the data. I’m enrolled in the Safe At Home Program so they are legally obligated to do so and still they refuse. They are directly and intentionally putting me at risk by advertising my information like this and refusing to take it down. It’s unethical, not to mention ILLEGAL.

Adam –

Victim Location 80005

Type of a scam Identity Theft

The website LocateFamily will not remove my personal information. I have requested it multiple times through thier opt-out page and through email. They want me to send copies of my drivers license and birth certificate for proof of identity. Why would I give a scam site more personal information? I can’t find an owner for this site but they are extorting people and posting personal identity information. They need to be shut down.

[email protected]

May 23

to me

AMY ***,

LocateFamily.com is a FREE service which is intended to bring people together in a positive manner. It is not intended to inconvenience anyone. With this in mind, LocateFamily.com will endeavor to respect your desire to have information suspended and will suspend a listing if a valid request is made.

The information in question only shows a name and country, it does NOT specify or refer to an actual individual. It also does NOT display an address or telephone number, therefore again, not referring to any particular individual.

18. (18.)


Because this information does not refer to any particular individual, even though it may be the name of one or more people, and because it does not provide any address or telephone number, it cannot be considered to belong to any one person, and as a result cannot be removed.

The information displayed here does not allow anyone to identify the location of any person having this name. Its only purpose is to allow individuals to leave a public message for any individual with this same name so as to allow for potential contact to be made between these individuals.

We thank you for your anticipated understanding.


17. Flag of USA: Amy *** lives in *** Colorado USA

Amy ***   303*** *** Avenue  *** Colorado USA 8***   . Flag of USA: Amy ***lives in USA

Amy Eberl

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