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Brooke –

Victim Location 53213

Type of a scam Home Improvement

My husband and I were looking to rekey some locks, so I quickly did a search of locksmiths in our area and this "company" came up. My husband contacted them and told them what we were looking to have done and they provided a verbal quote. They were cheaper than some other quotes we received and said they could come out pretty much whenever, so we initially scheduled a consultation. Upon making some additional phone calls, my husband found that other locksmiths needed a lot more information about the job to give a quote so we ended up going with a more reliable locksmith that was referred to us. We contacted this company to cancel the appointment we had previously scheduled (about 2 days in advance of the appointment date). Since then this company has contacted us 4 times asking if we still need the service and stating that the technician is waiting for us and appear to be upset that we have not returned their calls. Twice the calls came from the local number we contacted initially and twice they came from a 770 area code (which is no where near us). Upon telling them we no longer need the service, they asked why not / how did we resolve our issue and we told them that we used another locksmith. This conversation happened twice and both times they hung up on us after we said we used another locksmith. I’m honestly not sure what their end game is – if they are trying to get information from us over the phone (i.e.: getting us to say "yes" to something) or if they would have come out to do the job and then charged us 10x the quote – but something is definitely off. Upon closer look at the website, the address listed is not the address of a business – it’s the address of an apartment complex in this city.

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