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Wayne –

Victim Location 92113

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On Thursday Oct. 8, 2015, 10:55 am. while on FB, I clicked on an article that I wanted to read, instead my computer locked, and a pop up came up, saying to call this number to get it fixed. 1 888-858-1266 as it was ringing, I noticed it had the AT&T logo on the phone, so I thought it was an AT&T agent that had answered. Though I did not feel comfortable speaking got this person, with a heavy accent from the east. He claims his name was John Parker, the next thing I remember he was in my computer, without my permission, saying all this stuff was wrong, and I had to fix it immediately or else anyone could get in and steal my information. He asked if I did my banking online, and I said "no"….still not feeling comfortable with this. He said, it would cost blah blah for 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year plan for the follow solution:

1. install external security validity 1 year $151

2. install anti virus defender validity 1 year

3. speed up system driver validity 1 year.

4 remove all infected files & junk files

5. install mac cleaner

6. install C cleaner

This was under Logmeinrescue, Safeway Technologies. This guy kept trying to get me to do this cleaning "Right Now", all I had to do was put it on my credit card, he was very persistent. I told him, no, I was not giving him any information, you can put it on my AT&T bill. He was getting upset, I told him I had to go to tend to my crying baby. He said, they were generating a secured billing form for me to fill out. When I told him to put it on my AT&T account, he said, he did not work with AT&T, but worked as an agent with them, that is why he couldn’t put it on my bill. I again told him I had to go to tend to my baby, he said, call me back as soon as possible to get this started 1 888 858-1266 John Parker

I thought to myself….yeah right John Parker. I then called AT&T, who then tried to make me pay immediately for a past due amount. I told them, I did not owe any money, in fact, I had just paid my $12 bill, that they had changed my billing date, and I had moved, so I didn’t even have service. She was persistent that I pay on my credit card, they could not put it on my bill. Turns out, they were trying to make me pay someone else’s bill. Eventually, I was able to get hold of an Apple Tech. to help me, and he said, I could always call them for help no matter what, that it was a scam, they were trying to get money from me. Funny, even the AT&T company didn’t sent me the report to fill out to score the person who helped me. Hmmmm

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