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Lonestar foundation solutions Scam or Legit? Check Lonestar foundation solutions Reviews below.
Kimberly –

Victim Location 78626

Total money lost $7,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement


I contacted Lonestar foundation solutions asking for them to fix my foundation. The gave me a quote, I accepted everything was going good. He drew up a diagram of my home. putting points where he was going to install beams. Okay first problem was that he just let his guys go to work and didn’t even follow his original diagram. I complained asking why he trys to blow smoke, telling me "oh yeah the guys are probably gonna do more then we actually agreed upon, you’re probably gonna get 22 or more piers(lies.) So I let it go… Whatever, they "finish" and he calls me and says if I can just write the check and give to his guys as hes busy and he would mail me my paper work( my receipt, warranty and the final diagram of where he actually put piers so I can resell my home.

Well After 3 weeks of calling the office, calling Randy(the owner), sending texts messages, emails. I come to the conclusion I will not be receiving these things. (I asked for a email copy, only received the warranty as a picture.) Got tired of hearing lies from them…"oh we ran out of warranty’s" … Next problem.. Which is the big one.. he advertises his piers with a "Sure lock" cable that runs from on side of the pier to the other to keep things intact. I didn’t see that being installed. Nor did any of the concrete cylinders have a hole for this cable. If that wasn’t installed, wouldn’t that be considered fraud? I was trying to avoid confrontation just because I wanted my paper work and to just resell the home but now im left with no warranty(which was probably worthless) and no proof of work done.

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