Lonestar Title Loan

Lonestar Title Loan Scam or Legit? Check Lonestar Title Loan Reviews below.
Catherine –

Victim Location 78249

Total money lost $6,800

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I got a loan for 1450.00 and was told I was on special rate plan. No other explanation except I was on a lower payment plan with minimum payments. After 3 years and 6800.00 later, I decided to challenge company for answers. They stated I was paying interest only and every 5 months renewed contract for the exact same amount originally borrowed. I had them print 3 years of receipts and found i hardly paid any interest and all payments went towards principle. I asked why principle never went down and showed them the receipts they provided. They decided to give title back after another 600.00. They fraudulently misrepresented the payments and took advantage of me by just saying I was on a different plan. They told me what to pay, I never requested lower payment per month. Total scam and not being honest. I will provide documentation to back up these faction request. Lawyer reviewed paperwork and said non of the numbers added up, not even the percentage rate they claimed I was charged.

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