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Randy –

Victim Location 95928

Total money lost $126.27

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In response to Facebook’s (FB) post, their "ask for feedback," I want to report this FB page and their website, "Loosely Store" as a SCAM!!! Their financial name posted on my purchase is ELI ZETA. I purchased something from them, they received their money and I did not receive the product nor did they bother to be in communication with me about any delays, problems or anything.

A month after my purchase I finally gave in and listened to my gut that this might be a scam because their ads are so prolific and bombastic both on FB and their website. I decided to read through a handful of their FB posts and the thread of comments for each. I discovered exorbitant posts warning people not to purchase from them because they never received their products, received follow-up information, or tracking numbers. People are angry and now I understand why! I reported my "dispute" with the third party company doing the financial transaction between me and ELI ZETA (Loosely Store), and escalated it to a "claim." It’s been a month and counting since I purchased the product. Returning to their website today, all the warning posts I read days earlier had all been removed. They are obviously attempting to hide what they’re doing, and evolving their tactics because I was lucky enough to get a USPS tracking number.

Despite my requests to cancel the order and be reimbursed, Loosely Store / ELI ZETA said they can’t do anything.

I tried to report abuse/scam to FB, however the only solution offered was that FB would block me from seeing their ads. That’s great but it’s not addressing the problem in any way shape or form. The problem is Loosely Store (ELI ZETA) has a FB page promoting their website that is not only scamming people but they are paying FB to advertise a SCAM Business Model on FB’s platform. It’s quite the sophisticated international scam. It is ethically wrong and I URGE myself, FB, and the ScamPulse.com to take action to help safeguard consumer purchases. I am reaching out in the hope it will help to protect others in this country – and around the world.



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