Lori Krumweide

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Jimmy –

Victim Location 33884

Type of a scam Government Grant

A friend sent me a random message asking how I was doing…I answered and she asked whether I had heard her good news? I said I hadn’t and she told me she received &130000 from the government… we had spoken many times about money, so it was possible she was trying to help me. She gave me the phone number of the rep that helped her get the money…I contacted him and he asked questions, none of which was too personal (no SS# or account info) so I gave it. They said I qualified for $200000. When I asked how, they told me in a series of texts that if I sent them $1000 I would get the money delivered Tomorrow. It sounded to good to be true, so I asked my friend Lori about this…she said she paid the $1000 and the money came. I asked her where we had worked together? She said a place that wasn’t right and I told her to leave me alone, called her a liar and blocked her on messenger. I texted the other party and called them liars as well. Scammers, I hate them.

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