Los Angeles Concrete Countertops

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Savannah –

Victim Location 90027

Total money lost $390.70

Type of a scam Employment

I did 32.5 hours of work on a countertop "rush job" for Remington, at an agreed upon hourly rate, and he said he would pay me a few days after the job was finished, implying the first week of April 2017. He said he would pay me either via Venmo or PayPal. Two months later and I’m still following up with him on an almost daily basis, requesting the money, and each time Remington has a vague excuse as to why he can’t pay me. I don’t think he actually intends to pay me. After a heavy amount of harrassing him he paid me $100 via PayPal, but stuck me with the transaction fees so I only received $96.80. He hasn’t paid me the remaining amount, despite my multiple invoices sent to him.

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