Louis Bernstein State Farm (snagajob)

Louis Bernstein State Farm (snagajob) Scam or Legit? Check Louis Bernstein State Farm (snagajob) Reviews below.
Jon –

Victim Location 75150

Type of a scam Employment

I put information on snagajob.com. I had a lady of the name of Louise Bernstein contact me June 6 2016 from "State Farm agency". Then she asked me to download Google hang out application on my computer or smart to set up an account and a screen name with Google hang out inside messenger. I downloaded. She provided information about her back ground and company. Tell me that I would be working from home. She asked me a couple questions and send that I was immediately hired. She said I would be working from home in and when new location would be set up I would be transferring to new location, but she did not know the no the new location the company where new agency for State Farm is? She said she was going to send me a check to purchase all equipment to get started, purchase printers and computers software’s. I asked her if I would have to pay for all this, she replied with that she was going to send the check. Little did I no it was a scam she said she send out the check and then said that she had to resend it because of the company not allowing her too At the moment. She never gave me a correct phone number or address of the new location that was supposed to open in my area. She has information about me with my full name mailing address city state and ZIP Code and phone numbers, and my school history. Her pay out is start training and pay $19-$20 an hour in the comfort of my own home. She said she was the leader of the agency. I’m only 18 years old not knowing that I can come across a scam. I ran this across my older sister, she did her Investigation She immediately said it was a scam ! I hope to God that she does not proceed with any of the information I told her. I will now be reporting it To cops. You live and you learn. She targeted a Business and an Individual!!

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