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Anne –

Victim Location 41017

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found Lovable Havanese Home website when searching to adopt/purchase two Havenese puppies. The website showed 8 available puppies (age varied – 8 wks, 9 wks, 10 wks) and 4 breeding sires and dams. Each puppy’s price was $600 (half the price for Havenese). Their website stated Free Shipping Coupon HARMONEY DEFS7542951. When trying to call the phone number, it immediately went to voice mail and it was difficult getting a return call. Communication was mainly done by email. When I emailed them and indicated my husband and I were interested in two puppies, they replied by email and offered two puppies for $1,000 (without us asking) and free shipping with their coupon; attached photos of the two puppies we were interested in (same photos as what was on website). First email from the seller began on a Wednesday and by Saturday, we began the purchase procedure at which time they sent videos of the puppies (not together, but in different settings). Was told that payment needed to be by Western Union online with debit card or Amazon gift cards for $100. After I responded that payment would be by Western Union online and provided our names, address, telephone and airport for the agreement, they sent another email with the agreement and detailed instructions on how to do the WU payment "money in minutes" with the 2-page agreement. Noticed the seller’s name was spelled differently in two places (Marshal Steven and Marshall Steven). The only address specified for the seller was Rockville, MD 20850. Returned the signed agreement and initiated the WU online payment. I had never sent payment via WU and somehow had it being processed on business days which would have been on Monday. By this time, I grew suspicious that we were being scammed and was able to cancel the wire. After canceling the wire, I emailed the seller that my husband and I would make the 8 hr drive to pick up the puppies from Kentucky to Maryland and bring the $1,000 and asked for their address. Had some interesting email responses from the individual. Being emotionally invested in the puppies, my husband and I had initially missed some red flags – misspellings on their website, reference to caring for a corgi on their Health Guarantee page, and one of the testimonials referenced a poodle bought, not a Havenese. Am thankful we did not lose $1,000 in this puppy scam. I have kept all the emails and sales agreement. Also saved photos and videos of puppies, which the seller sent, should the ScamPulse.com want to see them. Hope you are able to close down this fraudulent website and operation.

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