Love Specialists

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Kendra –

Victim Location 44123

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Romance

I had contacted a psychic who claimed she could bring my ex-boyfriend back using crystals and candles through "energy work". She charged me a total of $*** through Paypal and Western Union claiming these were only "holding fees" for candles and crystals she was using to get my ex-boyfriend back. She claimed she would refund that money whether he came back or not. Her name is Pauline Cooper and her husband’s name is George Adams supposedly. The addresses she gave me are 890 Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90035 and 1434 Shendaah St., Los Angeles, CA 90035. I had contacted Consumer Affairs and they cannot track her down so they may be fake addresses. Her cell numbers are 310-912-2424 and 310-343-3555 and her so-called company is "Love Specialists" and her email address is [email protected] I have also contacted the law enforcement and Western Union to report fraud. I had contacted Paypal and she had called me threatening to "F… me up and blackmailing me saying that she will call my ex-boyfriend and tell him that I had contacted her to get him back so I canceled, but I am going to still pursue it.

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