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Carla –

Victim Location 76106

Type of a scam Romance

The scammer got in touch with me on an online dating app called POV. Contacted me via straight to my hangouts app. We’ve been texting each other for approx 3 weeks. Went into what we were looking for on the POV App and described each other quickly entailing her telling me that I was what she was looking for in a man to be with for forever. It wasn’t long she was sending me pics of a person who’s real name is Talia Shepard which is a porn star using her birthdate, place of birth, and told me she was in California visiting an aunt for a period. She stated that she is a missionary nurse and has been to Africa which is ranked #1 area for online dating scams. I done an address lookup and an ID search to find that she’s using someone else identity and that when I asked about this Talia Shepard, she said that it was her identical twin and that she is ok with her sister being porn star and that they get along. All the addresses given to me are real but with someone else’s identity! She’s asked me 3 times now to buy her gift cards from Amazon so she can buy a new phone or headphones so we can talk face to face on facetime. Her phone is supposedly broken and that’s why she can’t make calls via video or in general. I’ve asked multiple times and I keep getting the same excuses. Nothing new from people like this. I’ve ran into them before and have blocked them quickly. They use a different way of talking which threw up an immediate red flag once talking with her. The conversations have been long and I haven’t given any more personal info on myself or family. I asked if she would come visit me while I’m out of town working and she told me that she would love that but couldn’t travel on an airline without booking thru her agent eric jones. I looked the info up and it was a gmail account set up for them to use to scam people out of money as well. He supposedly stated that his phone wasn’t working as well. But he could book a flight to my location for a large sum of money which I wouldn’t send any to him but block him on hangouts. I blocked both him and her under the assumption that it was the same person. I also got a text message after I blocked them on message+ from her about why did I block her and I simply let her know that it was an accident and I unblocked her to play along for a while. Keeps me busy on my down time!! I’m gonna play it out for a bit longer before I try to slip them up and see if they come out and say who they really are!!

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