Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate Scam

Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate Scam Scam or Legit? Check Lower My Credit Card Interest Rate Scam Reviews below.
Omar –

Victim Location 83638

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone call from 800-903-8637. The automated system first stated we’ve contacted you several times before about lowering your % interest on your credit cards. Then they said this is the last offer you will get to lower interest. I pressed #1 or #2 for a rep and he said are you calling to lower your credit card monthly interest. I said , what card?, I only have the Citi Costco credit card. He said that’s it. I said what do you mean, that’s it? you’re calling me. About what card are you calling about. He said all credit cards. They don’t have the money, you don’t have the money; We have the money, since we are the bank. That’s when I hung-up and told him I would call Citi Bank on my Costco card. Peter at Citi Bank said we NEVER call on the phone for promotions. We always use USPS; he said it was definitely a scam and they were going to extract or ask you for account numbers so they could obtain $ from you .Sincerely, Bill Soucek

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