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Aimee –

Victim Location 44133

Type of a scam Utility

For the past several weeks, we have been getting two to three calls a day from a company whose name is LP Powers. Their call claims that if we contact the company, we can obtain a significant savings on our electric bill. I do not know if their claim is valid, but I consider their calls have continued to the point that we consider it a harrassment.

I have stayed on the line to ask them to stop the calls as we are not interested. Their response is to hang up on me. Today, I remained on the line to obtain the

name of their company. In addition, I advised to request (once again) that they

stop these calls. I advised that I was going to contact the ScamPulse.com—they claim to welcome that action.

The disturbing part of their calls is the fact that the numbers that appear on

our caller ID is not their phone number. It has been numbers from various

cities in Ohio, from private residents and from several businesses—one even listed the phone number for an Akron hospital. This type of action does not

seem to be the practices of a legimate business.

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