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Christy –

Victim Location 32195

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from Glenn Wilson identifying himself as a “Microsoft Windows 10" specialist from

Microsoft support department. He said that they had received several error messages from my

computer and he was authorized to ?x it. Since I recently installed windows 10, I thought that it was a

legitimate call. He said that he could tell me how to ?x it and install a ?rewall which would protect my

computer from malware and other viruses. I thought it was a legitimate call so I did what he instructed

me to do and let him have access to my computer so he could ?x the problem. Later, I call my local

computer technician and he said that it was probably a scam. He came over to ?x my computer, and said

that it was a scam. Microsoft windows have its own ?rewall and after l let Glenn take over my computer

so that he could correct the problems, they actually left a port open so that they could access it again

without my knowledge. They did nothing to ?x my computer.

Please check the business practices of this company. I believe that their business practices are

fraudulent. I spoke to someone in your of?ce on Friday Oct 30 and was requested to send the paper

work to you for investigation. I have requested that LT Global Orlando, FL Microsoft refund my money.

Of Course, they refused to do so but I have informed my credit card company of the problem. They

instructed me how to handle the situation. I will dispute the charges with my card holder. I reported all

of this to my card holder on the day of the transaction. I called the 1 321 332 0208 number on Thursday

10/29/15. They refused to refund my credit card. This of?ce is supposed to be in Orlando. Thanks!

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