LT Media spoof

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Alisha –

Victim Location 89501

Type of a scam Other

This number has attempted to contact me through my mobile number 5 times since the 29th of June 2018. Today on July 5th about 12 noon I answered the call it was a pre-recorded call. All that is said was "Hello I’m calling long-distance can you hear me?" It was a female voice. I replied hello once again the pre-recorded repeated itself saying "Hello I’m calling from long distance can you hear me okay?" At that point I said "No habla English." Resulting in the pre-recorded voice saying, "Okay, thank you. Goodbye." I called the number back and it said it was LT media. Researching that name online LT media I did not find any locations located in Nevada. I believe this was scamming attempt called cramming. I did not say yes to the pre-recorded question. When calling back the number it says press 5 to be taken off our call list. I did not press any numbers when I call back I just hung up.

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