Lucas Wireman

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Kelli –

Victim Location 18702

Type of a scam Employment

He posted an ad on Craigslist for a housekeeper. I answered the ad and he responded saying his name is Lucas Wireman. He and his wife are moving here from Canada. They want to send me a check for $500 ahead of time so i can get anything i need for the job. He asked for my name, address, phone and age. After I sent him my information, he responded saying he is having his financier from him and his wife’s place of employment send me $500. $500 for work, another $50 for being honest and the rest after I cash the check , I would have to send to the painter.

He wants me to cash his check(that is no good) send the money (to him) and I would be responsible for paying my bank back.The only way the bank will cash it is if I have the money in my account to cover it.

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