Lularoe Jeannie Nowakowski

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Ruth –

Victim Location 46062

Total money lost $64.70

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On May 30, 2017 I purchased an item through a facebook mult-consultant Lularoe sale. The item I ordered was a Carley dress. The consultant I ordered from was Jeannie Nowakowski. She promptly emailed an invoice to me which I paid with a debit card online. The total I paid was $64.07. By June 7, 2017 I still had not received my order through the mail. I sent an email to inquire. Jeannie Nowakowski responded that she was at work until late and would look into my order the following day. Two days later on June 9, 2017 I still had not heard back from her. I sent her another email and asked her to refund my money if the order was not processed, and another email, and another email. I never heard from her again through email. By June 13, 2017 I still had not received my order or a refund. I started to research Jeannie Nowakowski and found a live video that she had posted just days earlier. I commented on her video and she promptly private messaged me. She assumed to be professional and apologized, explaining that she missed my subsequent emails because she has more than one email address and they went to a different folder. She promised again to look into my missing order. I never heard from Jeannie Nowakowski again. I have never received my order. I have never received a refund. I decided to report her Lularoe business page to facebook. The page disappeared and another took it’s place. I’ve done more research on Jeannie Nowakowski and have come to the conclusion that she is running a scam online Lularoe business. She participates in multi-consultant sales that are out of her area, takes orders and does not fulfill them after receiving payment. I believe her to be located in Arizona, Illinois or North Carolina. She does not list her return address or phone number on her invoices. The sale I encountered her at was based in the Chicago area. She has several facebook pages under variations of her name and business. I clicked on some of the other "administrators" and "friends" on her pages and they are all very generic profiles with no locations or specifics given. I believe these are fake facebook accounts that she created and "friended" to her business pages. She is a complete fraud!

These are her facebook pages that I know of:

lularoe jeannienow

lula-jeannie nowakowski

new inventory-lularoe jeannie now

jaymie lou nowakowski

These are the email address she used to communicate with me:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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