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Russell –

Victim Location 05602

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I got roped into trying this "LUMINARY" Revitalizing Moisturizer from Joanna Gaines/ Fixer Upper on the HGTV channel. I NEVER said that I wanted to have more-they could have put it somewhere that wasn’t noticeable when I ordered it. This is a scam as far as I never ordered more. There was another company that was doing this too. They are playing on the elderly, and it isn’t fair…..

I was looking for a quick fix for my sagging skin……They will refund 1 of the 3 packages that they send me =so I am out close to $200 after I send it back to them. Please help other people that won’t complain.

Brandon –

Victim Location 49707

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

While using my Yahoo email account I saw an announcement pop up with Joel Osteen and his wife’s picture and a heading about something "shocking" involving them. I like to watch Joel Osteen’s church services on TV so wondered what it could be about and clicked on the headline to read more. It was an article stating that Joel’s wife has become a millionaire through marketing a moisturizer lotion for women that reduces wrinkles and age lines, which they called "Luminary." They were offering a "Free 30 day Trial" so I decided to try it. I had to give my credit card number to pay for the shipping cost, which I felt was not an unreasonable fee. I got an email soon afterwards, stating that my moisturizer cream and eye lotion would be shipping soon. There were no other details given- no information about the offer, or how to let them know what I thought about the product. I started using it the day I received the product in the mail on August 22, 2017. There was no receipt in the box or anything identifying the company- just the two items in a cardboard box. I kept expecting to get an email asking me how I liked the product and encouraging me to order more, but assumed they were waiting until I had used it for the full 30 days before contacting me. However, on Sept. 7, 2017, as I was checking my credit card statement I was astonished to see two charges that I had never authorized: one for $93.87 from a company called LUXEAGEDEFY and another for $93.79 from a company called TRUSKIN. I called the phone number for the first one (800-995-6557) and asked why I was apparently charged for the "Free Sample" I’d received. The woman (named Shenal, agent #134) told me that the ad said if I didn’t call to cancel within 14 days they would charge me the full price for the product they’d sent! I said the ad clearly stated it was a "30 day trial" and there was nothing about calling to cancel in 14 days. She insisted it did, but I had no way to prove it didn’t because it was an online article in which I had seen the offer. I told her I was angry and did not think the charge was fair and did not want to pay it. I asked to speak to her supervisor but she said the only thing she could do is cancel any further orders and refund 50% of my money. I finally agreed to that, but told her I was going to contact the This is a scam and I am extremely disappointed that Joel Osteen’s name is being used to con people into buying a rip-off product.

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